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Doubleweave Double-Block Placemats/Table Runners

Learn how to weave eight-shaft double blocks. We will be using 8-shafts and 12 colors to create a set of placemats and/or a table runner. Each of the placemats will use a different treading on a single warp to create a set of 4 different but harmonious placemats. The table runner will use all treadlings from the placemats and will coordinate with them. You may choose to weave only the placemats, only the table runner, or both.

  • Instructor: Vicki Pero

  • Meets on Tuesday August, 27th to pick up supples and warping instructions. Meets for three sessions; Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. 10 am to 3pm. September 10th, 11th, and 12th.

  • Bring a lunch

  • Loom must be pre-warped. There are studio looms that may be used

  • This class is for those with some weaving experience.

  • Minimum two students

  • $160 plus $60 materials fee for either the placemats or the table runner. Materials fee for both the placemats and the table runner is $120.

  • MUST sign up by Sunday August 18th